We pay 10% plus additional bonuses and incentive to our real estate brokers.

We love our broker community!

We pay 10% plus additional bonuses and incentive to our real estate brokers. All you have to do is send us your client contact information, we do all the work and send you a commission check!

Listing Brokers

Are you bombarded with inquiries for office space and the requirements are too small or short term?  Send us the lead, we’ll do all the work and check back with you when the client is ready to expand into bigger or long term space.


The greatest business concept most of us overlook. I finally had the good sense to relocate my professional office to Zen. Not only are the accommodations and services excellent, the staff is extremely professional and helpful. It’s definitely worth a look if you need a quality location to enhance your business or practice.

Reginald Hicks

Attorney at Law

Zen Offices is a wonderful place to do business. You can feel the genuine peace and tranquility as you step off the elevator, the doors wide open inviting you into the world of Zen. I love the decor, from pictures and chairs to offices and space layouts, this environments speaks to the simplicity and joy of doing business. Warm, friendly and attentive, Zen-Offices has so much to offer.

Monica Heiz

Professional Trainer, Nutrionist and Life Coach

Love where I work! We are a growing company and the office space is perfect for it. Prime location downtown, amazing views, gym access! Really happy here and Doug does a lot to make sure the office runs smoothly. Highly recommend!

Grace Mirzeler

Sales Manager at Accelo


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